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5 Signs You Might Need an "On-Call" Assistant

  1. You often work evenings and/or weekends to stay on top of administrative tasks.
  2. You've missed out on opportunities because you forgot to follow up.
  3. You have projects requiring skills and/or software that you don't have.
  4. You have lots of great ideas for your business, but no time to carry them out.
  5. You've been procrastinating about tasks on your to-do list for several weeks – or longer.

What is an "On-Call" Assistant?

        An "On-Call" or Administrative Consultant is an entrepreneur that assists individuals and companies with administrative support, usually via the Internet. The Administrative Consultant has an independent office and the tools required for the services provided, including computer hardware and countless software programs. Businesses that use Administrative Consultant services only pay the agreed upon per project fee or rates stated in an agreed upon contract.

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